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Inheritance procedures and will writing

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Heritage inheritance will consultation center

Heritage means heritage. We will help you pass down your legacy to future generations. I think most people are new to inheritance. Inheritance is complicated and requires many documents. The Heritage Inheritance Wills Counseling Center supports various inheritance procedures and drafts of wills.

Normally, we ask for a consultation fee of 6,000 yen. Please feel free to make a reservation.

We also accept consultations at your home free of charge.

Reception hours: Weekdays 9:00 to 18:00

Inquiries by phone are open from 9am to 9pm. We also accept weekends and holidays.

Please feel free to contact us!

090-3676-8204 (Reception hours 9:00~21:00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are also open)

For inquiries by email or mobile phone, please use mail form.

Case commentary

Inheritance procedure

I think most people do not know what to do with their first experience of inheritance procedures when their family dies.
There are many offices and banks that are not available on weekdays, and there is no time, and because people do not know how to do so, many people are spending more and more time on their own.

If you ask the Heritage Inheritance Will Counseling Center, which specializes in inheritance procedures, we will do all the necessary procedures for you.

For details, go to Inheritance procedure page

Civil trust

Civil trust is a system that can be used by a legal amendment in 2007 to allow individuals to use the trust that was previously used by a trust bank etc. with permission from the government.
Up until now, I used to write out how to leave the property after I died by a will and execute it, but from now on, I can entrust the property to a trusted family in the form of a trust contract while I am alive. I can do it.
If you become demented and lose your judgment ability, you will not be able to write wills or give gifts for tax measures, but if you entrust your property to your family in advance with a civil trust agreement, The entrusted family can donate or operate the entrusted assets according to the contract contents.

The Heritage Inheritance Wills Counseling Center, which specializes in inheritance procedures, explains the differences from wills and voluntary guardianship systems, and explains the procedures that are suitable for the customer and proposes them.

For details, go to Civil trust page

Will writing

If there is no will, the property will be divided according to the legal inheritance (dividing method specified by law).
By writing a will, you can decide who will inherit what property and how much by inheriting a will in advance.
However, the will will be invalid unless it is created according to a certain method. In order to prevent counterfeiting and alteration, it is necessary to use the method specified by law.
Recently, it has been taken up on television and magazines that relatives are fighting with each other due to inheritance inheritance division, but it is necessary to make a will to prevent such inheritance conflicts for families left behind. This is also important for us.

If you request the heritage inheritance will counseling center to prepare a draft will, we will be able to inherit it as you wish in accordance with the established law.

In addition, if you specify it in the will as an executor, we will follow the will.

For details, go to Wills page

Will execution

Even if you make a will, without a executor, you may be left behind because the procedure is delayed or you are busy or do not know the procedure.
Since the will-executor can act as the agent of the will and can follow the contents of the will and can proceed the procedure independently, he/she can act swiftly.

If you are designated as a will-executor by the Heritage Inheritance Wills Counseling Center, which is specialized in inheritance procedures, the inheritance procedure will be carried out smoothly.

For details, go to will execution page

Optional guardianship contract

The adult guardianship system is a system that protects people with insufficient judgment ability such as dementia. Adult guardianship is a term for a guardian of a minor who has no parents and is a guardian of a minor who is an adult but has insufficient judgment ability. That is.
The adult guardianship system includes a legal guardianship system that a court appoints and an optional guardianship system that selects a guardian by contract.
1. Legal guardianship is used when it becomes difficult to choose a guardian, etc., when the judgment ability has already been lost or has become insufficient.
2.A voluntary guardianship is used when a guardian who has the ability to select a guardian himself, such as a person with normal judgment ability, specifies a guardian in advance in the contract in case the judgment ability deteriorates. I will.

At the Heritage Inheritance Will Consultation Center, you can prepare a voluntary guardianship contract in advance to prepare for when your judgment ability deteriorates due to dementia or the like.

It is also possible to listen to the customer's story and propose the best method for the customer together with the civil trust and will.
For details, go to Guardian's page

Post-mortem administrative contract

In the post-mortem administrative contract, the delegator grants a third party a proxy in advance for various procedures after the death, funeral, burial, burial, etc. It is necessary to make a contract to do paperwork such as funerals and rearrangement of relics.

The Heritage Inheritance Wills Counseling Center prepares post-mortem administrative delegation contracts with deeds in advance and carries out post-mortem procedures according to the contract contents, so you can live in your old life with peace of mind.

For details, go to Postmortem administrative delegation contract page

Dignity Death Declaration

Death from dignity means that a patient who is in a terminal stage due to a serious illness that is unlikely to recover is discontinued from treatment under the condition of human dignity by stopping treatment for the purpose of prolonging life with life support devices. It is to hit.
As the person himself, if he falls into a terminal stage where he has no chance of recovery, he/she wants to avoid the situation in which he/she is installed unconsciously and is alive, or the mental and financial burden on the family. Those who want to avoid use the dignity death declaration.

The Heritage Inheritance Will Counseling Center will assist you in making a Declaration of Dignity with a notarized deed.

For details, go to Declaration of dignity death page.

Family tree creation

In most cases it is possible to go back 150 to 200 years ago. Knowing the roots of your ancestors is truly priceless.
There are many people who give up on the way because it takes a lot of time and effort to read the family register.

The Heritage Inheritance Wills Consultation Center will create a family tree to suit your needs, so please feel free to contact us.

For details, go to Family tree creation page

Office overview

Administrative scrivener


Norio Miyazaki

Born in Hiroshima and raised in Shimane and Nara. I played soccer when I was a student. After working holidays and studying abroad in Australia and England, I worked in sales.
My hobbies are exercising in the gym, reading, bedrock bathing, yoga and eating delicious food.
It is said that the problem of inheritance will increase from now on, and it is actually an aging society. Since the family relationship may be broken due to a financial dispute, we are mainly engaged in inheritance and willing work with the aim of preventing the dispute by taking precautionary measures such as wills.
Administrative scriveners are lawyers who prevent conflicts.
We also qualify as a financial planner, so we can provide advice as a money professional, so please feel free to contact us.

Office name Heritage Administrative Scrivener Office
Street address Inheritance will counseling center Osaka branch
〒530-0027 Sankyo Umeda Building 6th Floor Center Office No. 15 1-5 Doyamacho, Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

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Administrative scrivener Norio Miyazaki
Qualification Administrative scrivener (Osaka administrative scrivener society affiliation/registration number: 15261345)
Financial Planning Technician Level 2
Business content Consultation on inheritance, draft of will and draft will execution procedure
Drafting and willing guidance of wills
Preparation of heritage division agreement
Investigation of heirs and inheritance
Will execution procedure
Optional guardianship contract creation
Civil trust contract preparation
Family tree creation


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